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Is this a black doctor v64?!.

The wildcard v64
The wildcard should have been for sale in April this year. Well well it is still not completed and not many people don't beleave this guy anymore. Sinds that time nothing happend, it's still not available, he wrote a nice text file about his product on his page that looks promising, while he is just duplicating his product from the DocV64. Don't pay more for duplicantions containing a storry. That would be a waste of money. Waiting for the wildcard will be a waste of time. Maybe it will come next year!?

The supercom partner.

De Supercom partner.
The supercom partner only works in co-opperation with a PC. It can not load or save individually. This device would have been a solution for PC owners who want to spend a little less money, the machine does not have a CDrom drive. But when you own a doctorv64 you will be very happy with the CDrom drive. I never use my PC to transfer games, CDrom is much easier. By the way, I can also watch video films on CD with the doctor v64.
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