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More information about the backup unit for the nintendo64; The Doctor v64.

* Play Nintendo64 games from CD *
* watch films from video-cd *

DOCTOR V64, built-in 8 speed cd rom, works on pal and ntsc N64, connection port to PC, 128mbit intern memory, new doctor v64 bios, 220 volt adaptor, incl. the new connection adaptors to the nintendo 64.
How does the DOCv64 work?
The Docv64 is placed under the nintendo64, it is a little bit bigger and flatter than the nintendo64. With the 8 speed cdrom player games who used to be on rom cartridge can be loaded and played from cd. One cd can contain 40 games! Some people sell these cd's for only 30 US Dollar. When you hire a game from the videotheek a lend one from a friend you can backup this game with the DOCv64 and PC. You link your DOCv64 with a paralel cable to the printer port of the PC, and the game will be backed-up to the harddisk of your PC after pressing a few buttoms! When you bring the game back to your friend you can simply play the game from the PC harddisk. It loads quiet quick asewell. In 10 seconds time you will be able to play exacly the same game, but now you have a backed-up version. If you are getting tired of using the PC every time to load a game, then you could go and beg some friend to burn the game on a recordable cd, so you can play the game directly from the DOCv64, with the build in cdrom player. If you don't have any friends who own a CD burner, than there a several other people who would love to do it for you. They useally ask about 30 US dollar. There you go, you have 40 games, for only 30 US dollar. The doctor v64 works on the Japanese, American and European nintendo 64. The games are loaded fast! In 6 or 7 seconds a game of 128mb is loaded in the memory of the DOCv64. The Doctor v64 is a stable piece of electonica, fitted in a white, nice shaped housing. The docv64 is relayable and will probably only break if you drop it down the stairs. (so don't do that!)

Some more advantage when you own a DOCv64:
- Useally the videotheek and the shops are much slower with the games, than the people who release the games on CD. - You can watch films from video-cd on the doctor v64. - If you don't own a CD player; use the DOCv64, it also works fine playing music cd's. - Some sounds in games are really awesome, with the DOCv64 you have the ability to hear them in doulby surround sound. - For the programmers among us; if the DOCv64 can be controlled with a personal computer, and games can be played from a PC harddisk, than it is also possible to code your own demo's or own home made games. It's not easy, but it is fun! There are already some people who did some great coding with their PC for the N64. Try downloading it in the download area on this site. They are coded on a PC and work on the nintendo64, with DOCv64 backup unit offcourse. Else the coded demo/game could not be loaded or saved. Then a question that is asked my a couple of times: Question: Is this device called 'Doctor v64' not illegal? I mean, with this device you can copy games of 100 us dollar!! Answer: No it is not. With a personal computer you can also copy software that is worth thousands of dollars. Please read the disclaimer.

DISCLAMER: The doctor v64 is not designed in the first place to copy games. It is designed to play games with doubly surround sound, and back them up in case the orginal rom starts malfunctioning. Copy a game only for own use. Test it, and if you like it then buy the original. Possessing coppies of copyright protected software is illegal and punishable by law if you don't own the original. Please don't abuse the capability of the Doctor v64, I don't take any responsebility for the people who do. I also take no responsebility for the people who sell games on recordable cd's. It is their own responsebility. You CAN abuse the capability of this device. It is much more fun to use it for other purposes.

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